Sociology and Anthropology Project Topics for Students in Cameroon (2023-2024)

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Sociology and Anthropology Project Topics for Students in Cameroon

1. The Effect of Street Hawking Among Teenage Girls in Cameroon. A case of the Molyko neighborhood in the southwest region of Cameroon.


2. An Analytical Study Gender Discrimination In Management Position: A Study of Selected Manufacturing Industries in the Littoral region.


3. The Impact of Unemployment on Crime Wave among Youths in Cameroon” Case study Kumbo Municipality


4. Farmer-Grazer Conflicts in Cameroon: The Case Study of North-West Region


5. The Impact of Christianity on the Culture of the Bakweri people in Cameroon


6. The Role of Civil Society in Poverty Alleviation: Case of SOWEDA In Buea Municipality


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7. The impact of interference of the Limbe city council on the rate of revenue collection of Limbe 1 council


8. The Impact of Government and Other Development Stakeholders’ Development Initiatives/Interventions on Pygmies’ Livelihoods


9. Cooperative Funding In Agricultural Development Case Study AIVDP Buea


10. Fashion Trends and Dressing in the University Of Buea: The Case of Level 400 Students of Sociology Department

11. Effect of Social Media on Secondary School Students' Academic Performance Case Study of Lycee Molyko


12. The Influence of Marital Roles and Careers among Female Academics in Selected Universities in the Buea municipality.


13. Examining the Relationship between Reproductive Health Knowledge and Unsafe Induced Abortion among Female Adolescents in some selected secondary schools in the Buea municipality.


14. Social Support for Orphaned Children in the Anglophone regions: Challenges and Prospects


15. The Psychological Well-being of Students at the University of Buea


16. An Evaluation of the Impact by which local people through their representatives participate in governance: The case of Limbe II council


17. Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Relating to Obesity among Adolescents in 2 selected Public Secondary Schools in the Limbe Municipality


18. Rural Women and Household Food Security in Manyu division. A case study of the Bisongabang community.


19. Causes and Effects of Commercial Sex Work among Girls in the Buea municipality.


20. Socio-Cultural Impact of Childlessness of Married Couples in Cameroon.

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21. Knowledge and Attitude of Undergraduate Students in the University of Buea towards Homosexuality and Its Implication on Social Adjustment


22. Socio-Economic and Cultural Factors Militating against Community Development in the Sandpit community, Buea, the southwest region of Cameroon.


23. Assessing the Contributions of Women Organisations in Community Development in Cameroon. Case Study: Mutengene municipality.


24. Causes and Effects of Marital Problems in Cameroon


25. Cushioning the Effect of Cultism in Cameroon Tertiary Institutions

26. Factors Responsible for Child Abuse and Neglect (A Case Study of the littoral region)


27. Gender Equality and Women's Participation in Politics


28. Socio-Cultural Factors Associated with Exclusive Breastfeeding Practice among Nursing Mothers in the Buea municipality


29. Public Perception of Drug Addiction and Its Socio-Economic Implications in Cameroon: A case study of the Mutengene locality in the southwest region of Cameroon.


30. Perception of Criminality and Socio-Cultural Environment in Meme division, the southwest region of Cameroon.


31. Food Taboos in Traditional African Societies. A Study of the Buea municipality


32. Perception of Aging and Knowledge of Aging Issues among the Cameroonian Youth Implications for Social Policy


33. Family Instability and Juvenile Delinquency: A Study of the Limbe I Municipality

34. Socio-Cultural Factors in the Use of Health Care Services in Mamfe Town


35. Child Sexual Abuse Prevalence and Teachers’ Involvement in Its Management amongst In-School Adolescents in the Limbe municipality


36. Assessment of Spirituality in Decision-Making in Private and Public Organisations in the Kumba municipality.


37. Environmental effects of industrial pollution with a case study of Bonaberi-Douala


38. The Socio-Cultural Development and Significance of the Fon’s Dance (Benefuang) Of the Babungo People


39. Human Rights and Prison Conditions, Buea Central Prison

40. The proliferation of Churches: a rise in Pentecostalism and their Impacts on the Inhabitants of Buea


41. Assessing the Effectiveness of Inter-Organizational Cooperation in Rescue Interventions for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) In the Littoral Region (Douala).


42. The Role of Local People in the Governance and Development of Limbe II Municipality.


43. The impact of Social Support on the Psychological well-being of Students at the University of Buea


44. Modernization and Changing Cultural Values of the Sawa People of the Littoral Region. Case Study: Douala I City Council, Littoral Region, Cameroon


45. Domestic Violence and its Impact on Women in Buea Municipality, South West Region of Cameroon


46. The Impact of E-Learning on Academic Performance: A Case Study of Group Learning Sets


47. An Assessment of the Living Conditions Of Internally Displaced Women and Children in Selected Municipalities in Fako Division: Towards A Better Humanitarian Assistance.


48. The Impact of Televangelism on Residents in Molyko: A Sociological Appraisal of Changing Worship Habits


49. The Challenges Faced By Internally Displaced Women to Access Basic Needs in Mile 16 Buea


50. Farm-to-Market and Its Implication on Rural Livelihood in Cameroon

51. Barriers to the Participation of Disabled Persons in the Development Process of Mamfe Central Sub-Division


52. An Assessment of Youths Engagement and Income Effects in Agribusiness: Case of Mushroom (Pleurotus Sp.) Cultivation and Marketing in Buea, Cameroon


53. The Role of the Council in building sustainable Peace and Development in Cameroon: Case study of the Buea and Tiko local council


54. Child Labor and Academic Performance of Teenagers in Cameroon: The Case Study of Molyko-Buea


55. The Influence of Non-Governmental Organizations in the Periphery of Molyko Buea: Case Study United Action for Children


56. The Effects of Employee Motivation on Job Performance, Case Study SONARA in Limbe, Cameroon


58. Bride Wealth Practices In Babungo-Ndop North West Region, Cameroon


59. Local Community’s Perception towards Police: The Case of Muea Neighborhood Buea


60. Juvenile Delinquency amongst Youths Aged 12 to 17 in Mutengene


61. Land Acquisition and Its Consequences for Small-Scale Farmers in Cameroon’s Ndawara Highlands Ngoketunjia North West Region


62. Children’s Experience and Perceptions of the Anglophone Armed Conflict. A case study of Mamfe Central


63. The Contributions of New Religious Movements to Rural Development in Buea


64. Investigating the Social Security of the Inhabitants of Ekona during the Anglophone Crisis

Also Check: Sociology and Anthropology project topics with Materials


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