Management Project Topics for Students in Cameroon

Friday, February 24, 2023

Management Project Topics for Students in Cameroon

1. The Impact of Performance Appraisals on the Growth and Development in an Organization. Case of SONEDIS Douala Cameroon


2. The Effect of Customer Relationship Management on Organizational Performance


3. The Effects of Job Stress on Employees’ Performance in Cameroon: The case study of UNICS Micro Finance in the Buea Municipality.


4. The Effects of Planning on Organizational Performance in Cameroon

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5. The Impact of ICT on the Performance of Microfinance institutions in Cameroon


6. The Importance of Planning On Organizational Performance: Case Study Pamol Plantation Plc and Other Businesses in Lobe Estate


7. Conflict Management and Its Effects on Performance Case of NFC Bank Buea


8. The Role of Communication on Organizational Performance. A case study of some selected private universities in Buea.


9. The Effect of Ethical Behavior on the Performance of Service Firms Case Study: Express Exchange microfinances in the Buea municipality.


10. The Effect of Work Life Balance Practices on Employee Performance in Selected Financial Institutions in Bamenda, the Northwest region of Cameroon.


11. The Effect of Job Satisfaction on Employees Intention to Quit in CDC


12. The Effect of Workplace Environment on Employee Performance in Private University in Cameroon. A case study of some selected private universities in the Littoral region.


13. Marketing Research and Its Effects on the Performance of Selected Higher Institutions in Cameroon. Case Study of some selected private universities in the Buea Municipality.


14. The Effects of Payment Systems on the Performance of Small and Medium Size Enterprises in Buea Municipality, Cameroon.

15. Inventory Management and Its Impact on Performance of Organization: The Case of Guinness Cameroon


16. The Effects of Conflict Management on the Performance of Micro Finance Institutions in the Buea Municipality


17. The Effects of Employees Commitment on Organizational Performance Case Study: HIMAT Buea


18. The effects of Inventory Management on Organizational Growth in Telcar cocoa company, Tombel.


19. Delegation as an effective tool in leadership

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20. The Effects of Collective Bargaining on Organizational Performance of community Credit Company Bank in Buea.


21. Effect of Job Satisfaction on the Performance of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Employees in the Limbe Municipality: Case of Credit Unions


22. Effects of Health Insurance Schemes on Health Status of the Population in the Limbe Health District


23. Conflict Management and its effects on Employees’ Performance in the Limbe Municipality


24. The Impact of Employees Motivation on Organizational Productivity of Micro Finance Institutions in Cameroon. The Case of NPACCUL Limbe


25. The Impact Of Cooperate Culture on Employee Performance in the Banking Sector of Cameroon


26. The Effects of Job Design on Organizational Performance, Case Study: BICEC Bank Buea


27. The Effect of Job Satisfaction on Employee Performance at Le Brasseries Du Cameroon Ombe


28. The Effect of Time Management on Organizational Performance with the Buea Council as a case study


29. Effect of Performance Appraisal Processes on Employee’s Productivity in the Douala I Council

30. The Impact of Leadership Styles on Employees’ Performance In An Organization Taking The Case Of Guinness Limbe SA South West Region


31. The impact of Teams on Organizational Performance in NPACCUL


32. The Effect of Labour Turnover on Organizational Performance Case Study of Lobe Cooperative Credit Union Ltd


33. The Effect of Work Environment on the Productivity of Employees in an Organization Using the Case of Alpha Marine Shipping Services Ltd Limbe.


34. The Effect of Reward Systems on Employee Performance. A case of CCA bank Molyko, Buea the southwest region of Cameroon.


35. The Effects of market segmentation on Organizational Performance in Microfinance Institutions in Douala.

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36. The Effects of E-Banking on Customers Satisfaction with a Case Study on UBA Customers in Limbe


37. The Effect of Working Environment on Employees Performance in Orange Cameroon.


38. The Contribution of Mobile Money Technology on the Performance of MTN Cameroon


39. Assessing the Effect of Service Quality on Tiko Savings and Loans Cooperative Society Customer retention


40. The Effects of Higher Education Institutions on Residential Property Development in Cameroon

41. Work Life Balance Practices and Employees Behaviors in Selected Financial Institution in Limbe


42. Real Estate Investments and Their Effects on the Environment in the Buea Municipality


43. Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on the Financial Performance of Some Selected Commercial Banks in Cameroon


44. The Effects of Change Process on Managing Organizational Innovation


45. The Effect of Leadership Style on Employee Work Productivity in the Douala I Council

46. The Effects of Performance Appraisals Techniques on Organizational Growth: The Case of Buea Regional Hospital


47. Investigating the Current Reward Scheme of Awing Central Cooperative Credit Union Limited (AWICCUL) Buea and Its Effects on Employee Productivity


48. The Effects of Time Management on Employee Performance, a Case Study of CDC Bota Limbe.


49. The Impact of Internal Communication on Organizational Performance: A Case Study of NABCO at Ombe, Tiko Subdivision, Fako Division-South -West Region Cameroon


50. The Effect of Service Quality on Customer’s Satisfaction” in the Microfinance Case of The NTACCUL Bamenda Branch

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51. The Effect of Training on Employees Commitment in Cameroon Development Corporation


52. An Assessment of Communication System and Effects on Employee Performance


53. Effect of Wage and Salary Administration on Employee Performance in Tertiary Institutions in Cameroon. A case study of the University of Buea.


54. The Effect of Employee Commitment on Employee Job Performance of Microfinance Institutions in the Mutengene Municipality


55. Investigation Market Segmentation as A Contributing Factor to the Performance of Hotels in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon


56. Examining the Role of Inventory Management on Organizational Performance; the Case of Guinness Depot in Molyko Buea, Cameroon


57. The Prospects and Problems of Management by Objectives as an Instrument for Improving Employee Performance in CDC Palm Oil Plantation.


58. The Impact of Organizational Structure on Employee Performance; the Case of Cameroon Development Corporation


59. Leadership Styles and its Impact On Employee Performance in Source Du Pays S.A Muyuka, South West Region Cameroon.

60. The Effects of Leadership Style on Employee’s Performance: The case of KAJEPI Print Ltd

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61. Issues and Prospects of Gender Gaps in Organizational Leadership in MTN and ORANGE Head Offices in Douala-Cameroon


62. Knowledge, Attitude, Behavior, Perception and Public Patronage of Financial Assets/Investment in Cameroon: The Case of Yaoundé, Douala and Buea


63. The Influence of Credit Risk Management on the Profitability of Micro Finance Institutions; Case Study UNICS Plc


64. An Assessment of Service Quality and Its Impact on Customer Satisfaction in a Real Estate Service Providing Company: A Case Study of Easyrent, Buea Cameroon


65. Factors Affecting the Growth of SMEs in Cameroon the Case of the Bepanda-Omnisport Neighborhood


66. Assessing the Role of Management on the Performance of NGOs in Cameroon


67. The Impact of Job Satisfaction on Organizational Performance in Cameroon, the Case Study of RENAPROV


68. The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on Organizational Performance: Case Study MTN, Cameroon


69. The Effect of Entrepreneurial Behavior on the Growth of Entrepreneurial Ventures: Case Study Buea Municipality


70. Entrepreneurial Resilience; What Causes Entrepreneurs to Start Up another Business after Failure: The Case of SMEs in the Littoral Region


71. Organizational Culture as a Predictor of Overall Job Satisfaction, the Case of CAMTEL Buea Municipality


72. The Impact of Employee Turnover on the Productivity of CDC Rubber Factory Tiko


73. The Effect of Customer Service on Customer Satisfaction at MTN Buea


74. The Influence of Training and Development on Organizational Performance Case of Southwest Development Authority SOWEDA


75. Assessing the Causes of Failure of Common Initiative Group Projects in Donga Mantung Division


76. Assessing the Effect of Organizational Structure on Organizational Performance: The Case of the Cameroon Development Corporation


77. The Impact of Leadership Styles on Employees Performance in an Organization, the Case of Global Health System Solution


78. Human Resource Management Effects on Workers’ Productivity in the CDC Palm Oil Sector, Cameroon

Check out: Management Project Topics with Materials

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