Nursing Project Topics for Students In Cameroon (2023-2024)

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Nursing Project Topics for Cameroonian students

Below is a compilation of a good number of nursing project topics for Cameroonian students both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

1. The attitude of Health Workers towards HIV Patients. A case study of nurses in Laquintinie hospital, Douala.

2. Awareness and Knowledge of Sexually Transmitted Infections among Adolescents. A case study of 3 selected secondary schools in the Buea Municipality.

3. Knowledge and Acceptance of Oral Rehydration Therapy of Mothers in the Management of Diarrhoea in Children 0-5 Years

4. Holistic Nursing Care to Patients with Chickenpox from the Period of Admission to Discharge. Case study of the Limbe regional hospital.

5. Nursing Management for a Patient Suffering From Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

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6. Nursing Management of a Patient with Typhoid Fever at the Buea Town Integrated Health Centre

7. Management of Patients with Urethritis Using the Complete Nursing Care Plan at Molyko Integrated Health Centre

8. The Prevalence and Variety of Comorbid Disorders Affecting the Elderly in the Buea-Town Community

9. Adolescent Perception of Nursing as a Career among Upper sixth students of Summerset Bilingual College, Buea, the southwest region of Cameroon.

10. Perceived Benefits of Exercise among Pregnant Mothers in Mamfe, the southwest region of Cameroon.

11. The problem of Pregnancy and Abortion on Girl Child Education in Cameroon

12. Sample Survey on the Use of Contraceptives Drugs among Female Students of Biaka University, Buea.

13. The Prevalence of Home Accidents among Children Less Than Five (5) Years in Cameroon. A case study of Mamfe town.

14. The Prevalence and Risk Factors of HIV Transmission from Mother-To-Child in the Kumba health district of Cameroon

15. Assessing Teenagers’ Knowledge, Attitudes and Perceptions towards Prevention of Unintended Pregnancy in selected secondary schools in the capital city of Cameroon, YaoundĂ©.

17. Knowledge of Breast Cancer and Practice of Breast Self-Examination among women in the Buea municipality, South West Region of Cameroon

18. Leadership Styles of Nurse Managers and Nurses' Job Satisfaction in the Bamenda Regional Hospital.

19. Evaluation of Nursing Mother’s Knowledge of the Practice of Sexual Intercourse during Lactation in the Mamfe municipality, South-West Region Cameroon.

20. Challenges of Exclusive Breastfeeding among Working Class Women. A case study of the littoral region of Cameroon.

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21. Anxiety, Depression, And Their Effects on Learning Ability among Nursing Students: the case study of St. Monica University, Buea.

22. To Assess Adults’ Knowledge (Aged 18-55 Years) On Some Preventions and Non-Pharmacological Managements of Skin Abscess In The Mutengene Community.

23. Investigating Adults’ Knowledge (21-40 Years) On Infertility and Knowledge on the Preventive Measures of Infertility in the Muea neighborhood, Buea, the southwest region of Cameroon.

24. Gestational Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension among Pregnant Women Attending the Solidarity Hospital Buea

25. Assessing the Challenges Faced by Nurses and Midwives face in Delivering Prevention of Mother-To-Child-Transmission of HIV/AIDS at the Mamfe regional hospital.

26. Psychoactive Substance Use among Young People

27. Effectiveness of Exclusive Breastfeeding in the Development of Under 5 Children

28. Attitude and Practice of Standard Precautions among Healthcare Workers

29. Knowledge and Practice of Infection Control among Midwives

30. The Attitude of Nurses towards Relapse Prevention among Psychiatric Patients

31. Influence of Information Sources on Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Exclusive Breastfeeding among Nursing Mothers

32. Information Seeking Behavior and Utilization of Information Communication Technology among Reproductive Health Professionals in General Hospitals in Buea, the southwest region of Cameroon.

33. Assessment of Patient Attitude to the Involvement of Students in Radiographic Examinations in Hospitals.

34. Assessment of Patients’ Attitudes towards the Use of the Radiology Changing Room and Changing Facilities.

35. Nursing Intervention for the Promotion of Infection Control in Two Teaching Hospitals

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36. Effect of a Training Program on Knowledge and Practice of Lifestyle Modification among Hypertensive Patients Attending Outpatient Clinics

37. Effect of Nursing- Based Intervention on Exclusive Breastfeeding Practice among Pregnant Women Attending Two Primary Health Care Centers

38. Knowledge and Acceptability of Cervical Cancer Screening Among Female Part-Time Students at the University Of Buea

39. Assessment of Healthcare Waste Management Practices among Health Workers

40. Effect of Training Midwives on the Utilization of Pantographs in General Hospitals in Manyu, South West region of Cameroon

41. Factors Influencing Umbilical Cord Care Practices Among Mothers Attending Infant Welfare Clinics in Selected Primary Healthcare Centers in Cameroon

42. Factors Associated With Discharge against Medical Advice among Patients in Buea Regional Hospital, Southwest Region, Cameroon.

43. The effects of night shift schedules on nurses working in private hospitals in Buea, South Region of Cameroon

44. Breast Feeding Practices On Growth and Developmental Patterns of Infants 0-6 Months in The Bamenda Health District, North-west Region, Cameroon.

45. Factors Affecting Simulation Learning among Undergraduate Nursing Students in Cameroon.

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46. Pregnant Women's Knowledge of the Consequence and Risks Factors of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus and Self-Care Measures at the Mamfe Regional Hospital.

47. The Prevalence and Risk Factors of HIV Transmission from Mother-To-Child in Bonassama Health District

48. An Assessment of the Prevalence of Malaria and Its Predisposing Factors among Patients Attending ACHA hospital in the littoral region of Cameroon.

49. Anemia and Associated Risk Factors among Pregnant Women Aged (18-49) Attending Antenatal Clinic at the Mount Mary Hospital in Buea, the southwest region of Cameroon.

50. Factors Associated With Poultry Pollution and Its Health Consequences in the Community of Balong-Muyuka

51. Hypertension and Its Prevalence among Young Adults Attending the Diabetes/Hypertension Clinic of the Mamfe Regional Hospital

52. Assessment of Knowledge of Pregnant Mothers on Maternal Nutrition and Associated Factors in Meme Division, Southwest Region, Cameroon.

53. Assessing Mothers’ Knowledge of the Importance and Practice of Exclusive Breastfeeding in bepanda ominisport neighborhood, littoral region of Cameroon

54. Assessing Adolescents' Knowledge of the Consequences of Early Pregnancy. A case of the Mamfe town municipality.

55. The Prevalence and Associated Factors of Alcohol Use during Pregnancy among Pregnant Women. A case study of solidarity hospital, Buea.  

56. Assessing Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of Buea Inhabitants towards Hepatitis B Infection

57. Knowledge of Diabetes and Its Associated Health Risks Among Adults 25 Years and Above In Cameroon: Case Study, the Great Soppo Community.

58. Investigating Factors Influencing the Development of Common Urinary Tract Infection among Female Adolescents between the ages of 13 To 24 Years in the Muea neighborhood.

59. Nurses' Knowledge on the Management of Childhood Diarrhea In Cameroon: The Case of St Veronica Medical Health Centre

60. Factors Influencing Body Piercing/Tattoo among Youths (15-35years) in the littoral region, Douala.

61. Management of Pre-Eclampsia among Nurses Working At the Buea Regional Hospital

62. Factors influencing the choice of infant feeding options among HIV-positive mothers in Mbengwi District Hospital North-West Region, Cameroon.

63. Investigating Nurse’s Knowledge of the Therapeutic Nurse-Patient Relationship at the Regional Hospital Buea

64. Nurses’ Knowledge in the Management of Postoperative Wounds in Santchou District Hospital

65. Mothers’ Knowledge of the Importance of Good Nutrition in Pregnancy. A case study of the District Hospital Mamfe

66. Aseptic Techniques and its Effect on Patient Recovery at the Regional Hospital- Bamenda

67. Prevalence, Reason, and Outcome of Induction of Labour among Women of Child-Bearing Age at the Limbe Regional Hospital

68. Mother’s Knowledge On The Complications Of Poor Weaning Process Of Children At The Muea Community

69. Assessing Attributing Factors Hindering the Acquisition of Skills by Student Nurses in Some Selected Nursing Institutions in Douala

70. Investigating Mothers’ Knowledge and Practices on Effective Usage of Long-Lasting Insecticides Nets (Llins) On the Prevention and Control of Malaria in the Bomaka Community.

71. Assessing Mother's Knowledge and Practices on the Prevention of Malaria in Pregnancy in the Mile 16 Health Area of Buea Health District

Check out: Nursing Project Topics with Materials

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