Accounting Project Topics for Students in Cameroon (2023-2024)

Friday, February 17, 2023

Accounting Project Topics for Students in Cameroon

Many students freak out when asked to summit three topics of their choice by their supervisors. Truth be told, it is stressful when one has no clue what he/she has to do.


With this in mind, we have decided to come up with a good number of project topics for you to choose from. Below are 50 accounting project topics for undergraduate and postgraduate students in Cameroon.


1. Effect of Interest Margin on the Performance of Deposit Money Banks in Cameroon

2. The Impact of Microfinance Banks on the Economic Growth and Development of Cameroon

3. Influence of Income and Savings on Purchasing Behavior of Working-Class Women in the Littoral region of Cameroon.

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4. Marketing of Banking Services in Cameroon. A case study of First Trust Bank Plc

5. Accounting Information System in a Transport Organization. (A Case Study of CAMRAIL, Cameroon

6. The Analysis of the Impact of Value-Added Tax on Revenue Generation in Cameroon (2012-2019)

7. Budgeting and Budgetary Control in Business Organization. (A Case Study of Some Selected Microfinance Institutions in Manyu Division

8. Cash Management in a Super Market Store. (A Case Study of Cash Management in Njiforbi Super Market)

9. Liquidity Management in Commercial Banks (A Case Study of Afriland Bank, Douala)

10. Evaluation of Roles of Auditors in the Fraud Detection and Investigation in Cameroonian Industries

11. The Role of Computerize Accounting Systems on the Quality of Financial Reporting in Micro Financial Institutions in Buea Municipality

12. The Cause of Bank Failure and Its Effect on the Cameroon Economic Development

13. The Effect of Inflation and Interest Rate on Economic Growth in Cameroon. (A Case Study of ECOBANK).

14. The Role of the Central Bank in Stabilizing a Depressed Economy (The Cameroonian Experience)

15. The Role of Internal Auditors in Public Organizations

16. Role Of Audit For Proper Accountability Of Company’s Funds

17. The Role of Accounting Information in Business Decision Making

18. The Role of Accountants in the Cameroonian Economy

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20. Evaluation of Capital Structure and Profitability of Business Organization (A Case Study of Selected Quoted Companies)

21. The Impact of Information Technology (I.T) On the Performance Banks of Cameroon

22. Effects of Computerized Accounting System on the Performance of the Banking Industry in Cameroon

23. Impact of Credit Management on the Profitability of a Manufacturing Firm in Cameroon

24. Impact of Financial Accounting on the Corporate Performance of Business Organizations in Cameroon

25. Impact of Management Accounting On Financial Performance in Cameroon (A Case Study of NFC Bank)

26. The Budgeting and Budgetary Control of Non-Profit Making Organizations in Buea

27. The Impact of Microfinance Bank on the Performance of Small-Scale Businesses in the Fako Division

28. Impact of Inventory Management on Manufacturing Organization (A Study of Guinness Cameroon Plc)          

29. A Study on the Factors Affecting E-Commerce Adoption in Cameroonian Banks (A Case Study of NFC Bank Limbe Plc)         

30. Awareness of Confidence Accounting Amongst Accounting Lecturers in Cameroon

31. Financial Statement Fraud in an Organization: Problems and Solutions

32. Impact of Budgeting, Planning, and Control on the Profitability of a Manufacturing Company

33. The Impact of Liquidity and Profitability as a Survival Strategy for Banks in Cameroon: The Case of Some Selected Commercial Banks in Buea

34. An Appraisal of the Relevance of Financial Incentives to Workers' Motivation

35. Effects of Total Quality Management on Productivity Using the Probit Model

36. Budgeting and Budgetary Control as Tools for Accountability in Government Parastatals

37. Problems and Prospects of Auditing in Government Organization

38. Impact of Financial Accounting on the Corporate Performance of Business Organization

39. Impact of Accounting Information on the Decision-Making Process of an Organization

40. The Effect of Cost Accounting Techniques on the Performance of SMEs in Kumba Town

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41. Effect of Credit Management on the Financial Performance of Guinness Cameroon Plc

42. Impact of Internet Banking on Profitability of Commercial Banks in Cameroon – A Study of Afriland First Bank Douala Plc, 2012-2019

43. The Impact of Merger and Acquisition on the Performance and Growth of Banks in Cameroon – A Case Study of UBA Cameroon Plc

44. Internal Control System in the Civil Service a Case Study of Ministry of Finance Centre Region Cameroon

45. The Effect of Lack of Proper Accounting System on Government-Owned Hotels (Case Study of Parliamentarian Flats Hotel Buea)

46. The Impact of Ratio Analysis on the Granting Of Loans in Commercial Banks in Cameroon

47. The Determinants of Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises In Buea Municipality

48. The effects of lending policies and recovery strategies on the financial performance of category one micro-finance institutions: the case of Fako credit unions.

49. The impact of internal control on inventory management in the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC)

50. An Analysis of Delays in the Execution of Public Projects and Its Effects on the Population of Meme Division, Cameroon

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