Transport and Logistics Project Topics for Graduate and Undergraduate students in Cameroon (2023-2024)

Monday, January 9, 2023

Transport and Logistics Project Topics for Graduate and Undergraduate students in Cameroon

1.1. The Growth and Patterns of International Trade

2. Impact of Runway Capacity on Flight Efficiency and Delay. A case study of the Douala airport

3. The Impact of Traffic Congestion in the Buea Municipality.

4. An Assessment of the Relationship between Airfares and Aircraft Movements in Cameroon.

5. Evaluation of Rural Transportation and its Environment. A case study of Manyu division.

6. Impact of Rail Transport Development on Tourism Performance in Cameroon.

7. A Statistical Analysis of Road Accidents in Cameroon.

8. Assessment of Road Hazards and Challenges in Cameroon

9. Impact of Covid-19 Lockdown on the Use of Delivery Service in Cameroon

10. The Use of Technology in Improving Road Transportation

11. Assessing Maritime Security, Information, and Communications Technology in Limbe Deep seaport.

12. The Study of Maritime Fraud and Its Effect on Competitiveness of Cameroonian Port

13. Shipping Trade and Its Impact on Economic Growth in Cameroon.

14. Cargo Freight Rate In Liner Shipping And Its Correlation To High Prices Of Imported Goods In Cameroon

15. The impact of traffic congestion on the economic development in the littoral region

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16. The Impact of Traffic Congestion on Supply Chain Performance in Douala: Case Study of the Douala II Municipality

17. Assessing the Role of Containerization on the Importation and Exportation of Goods in Cameroon.

18. Passengers' Satisfaction of InterCitys Transportation Services. A case study of Passengers traveling from Buea to Douala.

19. The Effects of Integrated Material Management on the Profitability of an Organization in Cameroon

20. The effect of inventory management on operational performance. A case study of the Bota Port, Limbe.

21. The role of supply chain management practices on the organization of small-size enterprises in Buea Municipality.

22. An Evaluation of the Inland Transportation and Its Effect on Logistics in the littoral region.

23. Assessing Maritime Security, Information and Communications Technology Application in Cameroon

24. Infrastructure Financing and Management: The Impact of Concession on the Operations and Performance of Cameroon Seaports.

25. Impact of Transportation on Economic Growth: An Assessment of Road and Rail Transport Systems in Cameroon.

26. An Analysis of Determinants of Accident Involving Marine Vessels in Cameroon’s Waterways

27. The role of the road transport network in marketing agricultural products in Kumba municipality.

28. The Effect of Service Quality on Passenger Satisfaction, a Case Study of Cameron Airline (Camair-Co)

29. The Impact of Improved Infrastructure and Efficient Cargo Delivery in Cameroon Airport.

30. The Application of Information Systems in the Prevention of Pollution in the Maritime Industry in Cameroon.

31. Domestic Airline Operations and Management in Cameroon (Problems and Prospects)

32. Critical Analysis of Improving the Delivery Accuracy in Cargo Handing in Cameroon.

33. Assessment of Pipeline Transportation and Its Significance to the Marketing of Petroleum Product in Cameroon.

34. The Impact of Maritime Security on Harbour Terminal Security Surveillance and Protection in Cameroon.

35. The Impact of Maritime Security on Search and Rescue Operations at the Limbe seaport Cameroon.

36. An Evaluation of Maritime Security Solution Tailored to Meet Client’s Satisfaction in Cameroon Seaport.

37. Public Relation Techniques for Marketing Rail Transport Services in Cameroon (A Case Study of Camrail Company).

38. Analysis of the Causes and Prevention Strategies of Boat Accidents along Cameroon Inland Waterways (A Case Study of Limbe Deep seaport).

39. An assessment of financial institutions' role in Cameroon's Maritime industry.

40. Evaluation of the Performance of Public Transport Agencies in Douala and Yaoundé Municipality.

41. The Impacts of Marine Pollution on Shipping Operations and Marine Environment (Case Study of the Limbe Deep Seaport).

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