Guidance and Counselling Project topics for students in Cameroon

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Guidance and Counselling Project topics for students in Cameroon

1. Effect of Divorce on Scholastic Attitude of Secondary School Students. A case of some selected schools in Mamfe town.


2. The Attitude of University Students towards HIV Voluntary Counseling and Testing.  A case study of some selected universities in the Buea Municipality.


3. The attitude of Mother-In-Law towards Daughter-In-Law As a Determinant Factor in Marital Stability in Some Selected Families in the Bomaka Neighborhood, Buea, southwest region of Cameroon.


4. Effects of Working Mothers on the Educational Development of Their Children. A case of the Douala municipality.


5. Types, Prevalence and Causes of Domestic Violence among Selected Couples in the Limbe I municipality.


6. The Relationship between Parental Role and Early Childhood Education and Its’ Development. Case study of the Molyko neighborhood, Buea, southwest region of Cameroon.

7. The Relationship between Collaborative Learning Method and Academic Performance of Secondary School Students. A case study of some selected private secondary schools in the Buea municipality.


8. The Prevalence of Occupational Stress among Nursery school teachers in the Omnisport Bepanda neighborhood in the littoral region of Cameroon.


9. Causes and consequences of pre-marital sex among secondary school students in some selected schools in the Mutengene municipality.

 10. Students' Perception towards the Teaching of Sexuality Education in Secondary Schools in Douala.


11. Perception of Drug Use and Abuse on Students Behaviour in Public Secondary Schools in Yaounde.


12. Influence of Mate Selection and Self-Disclosure on Marital Stability among Couples in the Kumba municipality.


13. Influence of Child Abuse on the Academic Performance of Secondary School Students in Mutengene municipality.

14. Effect of Adolescents’ Perception and Awareness of HIV/AIDS on Sexual Behaviour in Bamenda.


15. Causes of the Prevalence of Teenage Pregnancy among Secondary School Female Students. A case study of some selected secondary schools in the Buea Municipality.


16. Influence of Hostel Squatting On Academic Performance, Interpersonal Relationship and Emotional Adjustment of Undergraduate Students in Buea.


17. Impact of Cultism on Psychosocial Adjustment of Students in Secondary Schools in the Buea Municipality.


18. Causes and Treatment of Aggression among Adolescent Students in the Buea Municipality.


19. Causes of Dropout among Secondary School Students in the Bamenda II Municipality


18. Causes of High Rate of Sexual Promiscuity among Adolescents in some selected Secondary schools in Yaounde.


19. Child Labor and its effects on the Academic Performance of Secondary School Students. A case study of some selected Public schools in Douala.


20. Impact of Divorce on Students’ Academic Performance in Secondary Schools in the Limbe Municipality


21. Impact of Peer on Indecent Dressing Among youngsters in the Buea municipality.  A case study of the University of Buea.


22. Perception Of Premarital Sexual Relationship Amongst Students In Tertiary Institution A Case Study Of Students at St Monica University Buea.


23. Factors That Influence the Academic Performance of Nursing Students in Biaka University Institute Buea


24. Social Causes and Consequences of Juvenile Delinquency in Kumba Town.


25. Influence of Peer Group Pressure on Adolescents Smoking Habits in Yaounde.


26. Students Concerns and Gender Preferences for Counsellors in tertiary institutions. A case of some selected universities in Bamenda, northwest region of Cameroon.


27. A Study of the Determinants of Vocational Choice among Senior Secondary School Students in Fako Division


28. Gender Inequality and the Status of Widows in Cameroon: Implications for Counselling.


29. The Cultural Influence on the Manifestation of Depression among youths in Buea


30. Teacher’s Attitudes towards Females and Technical Education: Implications for Career Guidance and Counselling.


31. Gender Differences In The Psychosocial Adjustment Of Cameroonian Single Parents: A case study of Mamfe Central


32. The Relationship between Stressful Life Events and Gender among Youths in Douala


33. School Counselors’ Roles in Preventing the Spread of HIV and Aids in Cameroon.

34. Guidance and Counselling: A Tool for Quality Enhancement in Secondary Schools in Buea Municipality


35. The Prevalence of Unresolved Grief among Bereaved Parents Implications for Counselling


36. Environmental Influences and Social Studies Academic Performance of Junior Secondary Students in Limbe II Municipality


37. Teenage Prostitution in Secondary School in the South West Region of Cameroon: A case study of Mamfe Municipality


38. Psychological Effects of Inter-Ethnic Conflicts On Social Health Workers in Cameroon.


39. Perception of Undergraduate Students towards the Use of Contraceptives. A case of Landmark University Students.


40. Influence of Socio-Economic Status on Marital Stability among Selected Couples in Kumba Town.


41. The Influence Of Proneness On Spousal Rape On Marital Stability Among Couples in Limbe I Municipality.


42. The Influence of Fathering Style on Social Adjustment among Adolescents in some selected private secondary schools in Douala.


43. Influence of Domestic Violence on Family Relationship among Couples in Mamfe Town


44. The Impact of Differing Work-Life Balances on Marriage Stability among Married Couples in in Douala.

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