How to apply for a Duplicate of Attestation of Completion of Studies (University of Buea)

Friday, January 13, 2023

How to apply for a Duplicate of Attestation of Completion of Studies (University of Buea)

It is normal for every student to be in high spirits after completing their coursework and waiting for an attestation from the institute to confirm that they are good to go. This is especially true for an institute like the University of Buea (A place to be) that stresses someone in case of correction of marks, omission of CA or Exam marks just to name a few.


No one wishes to misplace his\her document after collecting but shit happens and we might find ourselves wondering on how to go about the entire process. For those who have been there (UB), I guess just from the title, you’ve already visualized how stressful it might be. Chill, it is not that strenuous.


Without taking much of your time, let’s dive straight away into the procedure needed to apply for a duplicate of Attestation of Completion of Studies from the University of Buea in case you misplace the one issue. The write-up will equally make mention of the documents needed, and the duration it could take to get a new document.


As earlier mentioned, it is not that difficult. Just follow the few steps below;

1. The first step to take is to apply for a new transcript. Even if you applied for a transcript two or 3 months back, you will need to reapply for a new one. The reason is that your transcript is needed to show that you do not owe any course.

I know someone might be wondering why he or she needs to apply for a new transcript after doing that months back. Well, everything is possible at UB. You might apply today and your transcript reads that you do not owe any course and the next day, an unexpected “F Grade” poops up. Alternatively, you can apply and have different GPAs. I am sure many students can testify.


2. The next step is to present a handwritten application addressing it to the registrar stating why you need a duplicate of the attestation as well as providing the necessary information concerning you like faculty, department, matriculation number, and so on.


3. With your transcript in hand and the handwritten application, a fee of 10.000 FCFA is paid in order to have a duplicate of the missing attestation. The documents and this fee are deposited and paid at the transcript office.


After these three simple steps, it could take a month or less to possess a new attestation. I have experienced this and mine took two weeks. Yours could take 2 weeks or less or more. The most important thing is to have the document.


Where do I go to collect the document when available?

After completing the appropriate steps, you proceed to central administration rather than the transcript office for collecting. The document is available for pickup at the registrar's office. The security guard can provide directions upon request.

Concluding remark

Given the unforeseeable events in our environment, we are obligated to respond appropriately if we encounter these concerns. However, how can you approach this problem without any knowledge? For this reason, decided it was important to create this article in order to assist others.


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Happy New Year and thanks for your time. In case you have questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.