Tourism and Hospitality Management Project Topics for Students in Cameroon (2023-24)

Monday, January 9, 2023

Tourism and Hospitality Management Project Topics for Students in Cameroon  (2023-24)

1. Climate Change and Its Effects on Tourism Activities (A Case Study of Selected Recreational Centres in Littoral Region)

2. Impact of Sports Tourism on Hotel Patronage

3. The Role of the Housekeeping Department towards Guest Satisfaction in the Hotel. A case of some selected hotels in the Limbe Municipality.

4. Packaging and Service Delivery in the Hospitality Industry in Cameroon.

5. Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on the Hospitality Sector

6. The Assessment of the Significance of Cultural Tourism to Sustainable Development

7. The Effect of Government Policies on the Development of Tourism in Cameroon

8. Creative Tourism A Panacea for Economic Sustainability in the Centre Region of Cameroon

9. Cultural Tourism and Community Development a Case Study of Bamenda Town in the Northwest Region of Cameroon

10. Customer Retention on Hospitality Management

11. Human Resource Management in the Hotel and Catering Industry Case Study Parliamentary Flat hotel in Buea, Southwest region of Cameroon.

12. Impact of Event Centres on Social Activities in Cameroon Cities

13. Problems of Hotel Business in areas hit by the crisis in Cameroon. A case of three selected hotels.

 14. The Impact of Destination Image on Tourist Satisfaction, And Destination Loyalty: A Case of Buea Municipality

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15. Assessing the Challenges Facing Small-Scale Hotels In Cameroon (A case Study Of some selected hotels in Mamfe Town)

16. Prospects and Problems of E-Marketing in the Hospitality Industry in Cameroon

17. A Critical Examination of Safety and Security Concerns in the Hospitality Industry Case study Hilton hotel, Yaoundé.

18. The Relevance of Human Capital Management to Profit Maximization in the Hospitality Industry (A Case Study of WDC Aparthotel).

19. Customer Perceived Value and Customer Satisfaction in Travel Agency in Cameroon (A Study Of hotels in Kumba II Municipality).

20. The Impact Of Inadequate Food Supply On The Tourism And Hospitality Industry: The case study of hotels in Kribi, Cameroon

21. An Assessment of Tourist Attraction Development and Consumer Behaviour in Limbe Municipality

22. The Impact of Religion on the Development of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry in Cameroon

23. Challenges Encountered by Managers in Setting up A Small-Scale Hospitality Business in Kumba Municipality

24. An Assessment of the Impact of Motivation on Employee’s Productivity in the Hospitality Industry Case study of St. Claire hotel in Buea

25. Assessing Hotels Social Responsibilities to Its Host Communities, the case study of hotels in Akwa, Douala.  

26. The Impact of Quality Control Methods on Employee Performance within the Hospitality Industry

28. Impact of Marketing Communication in Tourist Destinations a Case Study of Fako Division

29. Consumer Experience and Destination Loyalty in Tourist Sites in Cameroon: Case study Kribi

30. Customer Perceived Value and Customers Satisfaction in Travel Agency in Cameroon (A Study of Camiar-co)

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