Public Administration Project Topics in Cameroon(2023-2024 )

Saturday, March 4, 2023

Public Administration Project Topics in Cameroon

1. The Effect of Good Leadership and Administration in Nation Building


2. Conflict Management for Effective Performance in an Organization


3. The problem of Revenue Generation and Utilization in Cameroon Local Government Administration


4. The Challenges of Effective Utilization of Revenue Available to Local Governments in Cameroon

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5. The Constraints of Effective Local Government Administration in Cameroon


6. The Role of Local Government in Community Transformation. A case study of the Buea municipality


7. The Rural Development and Local Government Administration


8. The Constraints of Effective Local Government Administration


9. Local Government and the Provision of Services in Cameroon: An Assessment of the Use of a Mix of Service Delivery Systems in Kumba Councils in the South West Region


10. Organizational Communication and Employees Efficiency (Case Study HTTTC Kumba)


11. The Relevance of Effective Leadership in the Achievement of Organisational Objectives and Goals: Case Study of LUKMEF Buea, the southwest region of Cameroon


12. Budgeting, Budgetary Control and the Financial Performance of Councils (Case of Tubah Council, North West Region of Cameroon)


13. The Impact of Human Resource Planning On Organizational Performance


14. The Role of Councils in Rural Development in Cameroon” with a special reference to Mamfe Rural Council


15. Local Government Administration as a Panacea to Rural Transformation: Case study of the Buea Municipality


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16. Motivation and Performance in the Cameroon Civil Service: The Case of Civil Servants of Southwest Regional Services in Buea


17. Local Government and the Provision of Services in Cameroon in the Buea Municipality


18. Investigating the Various Problems of Tax collection in the Buea Municipality” Case Study of the Buea Municipal Council


19. An assessment of the Impact of training on organizational productivity in MTN Buea


20. The Contribution of Microfinance Institutions to Poverty Alleviation in Buea


21. Impact of Poor Revenue Generation on Local Community Development in Buea


22. The Impact of Human Resource Management on Organizational Performance of Njieforbi Company Ltd Buea


23. Ethnic Nationalism in Cameroon and Socio-Economic Development in Cameroon. A Study of Paul Biya’s Administration


24. Insecurity in Secondary Schools in Cameroon: Issues, Prospects and Solutions. A case study of some selected secondary schools in Douala, the Littoral region of Cameroon.


25. Impact of Effective Management of Appointment System in Hospital; A case study of Buea regional Hospital


26. The Effectiveness of Bank Verification Number (BVN) In Detecting and Eliminating Ghost Workers in the Cameroonian Public Service (An Appraisal of the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System


27. Skill Acquisition, Unemployment, and Standard Of Living in Cameroon


28. The Impact of Corruption on the Effectiveness of the Public Sector


29. Unemployment in urban development Cameroon: Case Study in Buea council


30. Traditional Political System and Development in Cameroon


31. The Failures of Decentralization in Cameroon


32. The Autonomy of Municipal Councils in Cameroon, Challenges and Prospect


33. The Contribution of Foreign Aid to Health Institutions in Cameroon


34. Problems of Managing Public Sectors in the Southwest Region: Case Study CDC


35. Local Government Administration and the Challenges of Rural Development Case Study Buea Municipality


36. The Functioning and Organization of Human Rights in Cameroon Case Study the National Commission of Human Rights and Freedom Yaoundé


37. The Role of Sports in Peacebuilding in Cameroon


38. Gender Gaps in Council Personnel Management and The Effects on Women’s Effective Participation in Local Governance


39. Local Government And The Provision Of Services In Cameroon: An Assessment Of The Use Of A Mix Of Service Delivery System In Kumba Councils In The South West Region.


40. The Impact of Motivation on Employee’s Performance. A case study of HIBMATS Buea


41. Local Government and Rural Development: A Case Study of the Belo Rural Council


42. Effect of Bad Roads on Economic Development in the Molyko Community in Buea


43. Local Government Administration as a Panacea for Rural Transformation


44. Uncontrolled Land Use and Access to Public Utility in Cameroon: Case of Limbe Municipality


45. The Impact of the 2011/2018 Reforms in the Public Contracts Sector On Councils, the Case of Tiko Municipality


46. The Impact of Interference of the Limbe City Council on the Rate of Revenue Collection of Limbe I Council


47. Local Governments and Rural Development in Cameroon: Case Study Buea


48. The Contribution of Youths Organization in Community Development in Buea Municipality

Also Check: Public Administration Project Topics with Materials


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