How to Write Abstract For A Research Paper

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

How to Write Abstract For A Research Paper

As clearly stated in our disclaimer, we act as a facilitator, to make research-writing stress free as well as assist students with other academic-related issues.


This is it. We will do our utmost best to explicitly explain the various components of project writing to make it look as easy as possible so that every student can follow the guide to successfully write their own project.


With that in mind, takes us to our topic of interest, which is to learn how to write a research abstract.

What is an abstract?

An abstract presents a synopsis of your research project or thesis. There are particular points that should appear in your abstract, which will be discussed subsequently. There are two types of abstracts namely: descriptive and informative abstracts.


Descriptive abstract simply makes mention of the purpose of the research, methods, and scope without including the result or conclusion of your topic of interest. Informative abstract on the other hand provides a synopsis of your research project including the results.


Has it ever crossed your mind to know why the abstract is of importance? Well, it is relevant because it enables potential readers to decide if your work ties in with theirs.

Secondly, it communicates the researcher’s key findings to those who have time constraints in reading their paper. For example, does their objective match what you have in mind?


Therefore, the abstract simply helps you to determine if this or that paper will act as a source to gather more knowledge about your topic of interest. Imagine scrolling through the whole of chapter one of the research paper only to find out if it is relevant or not. The Abstract makes it easier and less time-consuming.


It is worth noting that no matter the type of abstract you wish to write, your work should contain the following four basic components.


(1). The introduction

The introduction answers the question “What”. For instance, what is your topic, and the purpose? At this level, you should clearly state your topic, the purpose of the research, the problem your wish to solve (Problem statement), and a brief background of the project topic.


(2). Methodology

It answers the question “How”.  After being aware of what you want to get from the field, how do you intend to get this information? At this level of writing your research abstract, you need to mention the research methods used to answer your questions.

The following are some of the key things you should consider

  • How the research was designed
  • Population (or subject) of the study
  • How you chose the subject
  • Tools and techniques you used to arrive at your conclusion


(3). Result

Provide a synopsis of your findings.     


(4). Conclusion

The conclusion describes what these findings mean for the long term or the field in question. It can also contain your recommendations based on your findings.

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When do you need to write an abstract for your research paper?

This is a very good question. The abstract of your research paper is the last thing to do though it appears among the first pages of the research project known as the preliminary pages. Note that it is written as a single-block paragraph without line spacing.


Without taking much of your time, let us demonstrate a sample of how your research abstract should look it. Are you ready? Take a cool glass of fresh fruit juice while reading this.

A Sample Abstract


This study titled, “The Effects of Mental Health on the Educational Achievement of Secondary School Students’ in the Limbe Municipality”, had as its purpose to investigate the extent to which mental health affects educational achievement. Three objectives and three research questions were coined to guide the study. These objectives were to; investigate the effect of anxiety and its influence on educational achievement, and identify the impact of depression and its influence on educational achievement and ascertain the effects of stress on the educational achievement, of secondary school students in the Buea Municipality. The study made use of a cross sectional survey research design and the main instrument used for data collection was a questionnaire. The population used for this study was made up all students with mental health issues in the Limbe municipality. The sampling techniques used were the purposive and convenience sampling techniques to select the students who constituted the sample population of 60 students. The questionnaire used had a reliability coefficient of 0.82 from Pearson’s correlations. Data was analysed descriptively using simple and relative frequencies and percentages and also inferentially using the Pearson’s Correlation. The results revealed that; there exists a strong inverse relationship   (r = - 0.621) between anxiety and students’ educational achievement implying that as anxiety increases, educational achievement tends to decrease, there exists a fairly strong inverse relationship (r = - 0.188) between depression and students’ educational achievement implying that as depression increases, educational achievement tends to decrease and a strong inverse relationship (r = - 0.656)  between stress and students’ educational achievement implying that as stress increases, educational achievement tends to decrease. It was concluded that there is an inverse relationship between mental health issues and educational achievement and some recommendations were made.


From the above sample, each color highlighted stands for the four main components of a research abstract. The first color stands for introductory part of a research abstract where you tell your readers about your topic and objective or purpose.


The second color talks about the methodology, followed by results or findings and your conclusion or recommendations.


After reading through it, do you still think it is difficult to write an abstract for your research paper? Which new thing have you learned about writing an abstract?


Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section. I will be in the comment section to reply to all your worries. Thanks for reading and please share so that others can learn as well.

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