Gender Studies Project Topics for Students in Cameroon

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Gender Studies Project Topics for Students in Cameroon

1. The perception of the public towards female footballers in Cameroon. A case study of the university of Buea female football team.  

2. Gender Stereotypes in Family and Academic Settings. A case study of the Buea municipality.

3. The role and contributions of women’s micro businesses to household survival in the Buea municipality.

4. Gender Gap in Financial Literacy among female and male undergraduate psychology students. A case study of the University of Buea

5. Emotion Perception and Gender Factor in Stress of undergraduate students in the University of Bamenda.

6. The contributions of LUKMEF in addressing gender-based violence in Buea

7. Parents’ Gender Roles and Children’s Aspirations. A case study of the Mamfe municipality.

8. Gender Roles Effects on Children Development. Case study of some selected secondary schools in the Limbe municipality.

9. Determinants of Infidelity among Married Couples in Cameroon. A case study of couples in Mamfe town.

10. The attitude of Female Mass Communication Students towards Journalism as a Career at the University of Buea.

11. Causes of Poor Enrolment of Male Student into Home Economics in some selected secondary schools in the Limbe I municipality.

12. The perception of the public of female models in the modelling agencies in Cameroon.

13. The Effect of Gender Inequality on Women Employment Opportunity in Cameroon: Case study of Women in Mamfe Central

14. The Impact of Women Participation on the Political System on Cameroon (A Case Study Douala I Council)

15. Gender Equality and Women Participation Politics in the Fako Division of Cameroon

16. Role of Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV)) In Promoting Gender Equality

17. The Attitude of Parents towards the Education of Female Students in Bamenda Municipality

18. The Effect of Gender Discrimination on Women Employment Opportunity (A Study of CDC Tiko Rubber plantation)

19. The Importance of Family Planning in the Protection of Reproductive Rights of Women in the Yaoundé Municipality

20. The Impact of Religious Affiliation on Domestic Violence against Women in limbe II Municipality

21. The Role of NGOs in advocating the Rights of Women in the Mamfe Municipality

22. Early Marriage among Teenagers; Implication for a Sustainable Future in the southwest Region of Cameroon

 23. Impact of Running Separate Home by Married Couples on Wife and Children in Mamfe Central subdivision

24. Violence against Women and Girls with Physical Disabilities in Cameroon

25. Gender Differences in Pornography Consumption among Youths in the Buea Municipality. A case study of the University of Buea.

26. Abortion Decision-Making Attitudes of Adolescents Attending Roman Catholic Schools in Cameroon.

27. The Role of Women in Household Decision Making in the Eyumojock sub-division.

28. Perception about men having sex with men in the littoral region of Cameroon

29. Knowledge and practice of condom use among first-year students at landmark University

30. Sexually transmitted infections among prison inmates in Mamfe town.

31. Early initiation of sexual activity: A risk factor for sexually transmitted diseases, HIV infection, and unwanted pregnancy among university students in the Buea Municipality

32. An exploratory study of the private sector attitudes toward women's part-time work in Saudi Arabia

33. Effects of sexual attitudes and similarity on men’s reaction to homosexuals in Douala

34. The relative importance of gender role attitudes to male and female attitudes toward lesbians among university students in Yaoundé I

35. Age and gender differences in mate selection criteria for various involvement levels in Cameroon

36. Men’s Judgment and Behaviour toward Women Wearing High Heels in the Buea municipality. Case study: Miss Bright Bomaka

37. Effects of Women’s Seductive Dressing on Men’s Behaviour and Judgement: A Study in Selected Universities in Fako Division

38. Alcohol drinking patterns by gender, ethnicity, and social class among students in the University of Buea.

39. Gender difference in casual sex and HIV Prevention among university students in the Buea Municipality

40. Women’s participation in local organizations: conditions and constraints. World Development.

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