40 Educational Psychology Project Topics for students in Cameroon

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

 Educational Psychology project topics for students in Cameroon

Have you been asked to submit a research topic by your institution but have no idea what to come up with? has helped compile 40 expert educational Psychology research topics that are as follows.

1). How study groups of secondary school students of the examination class affect their academic achievement (A case study Buea municipality)

2). The impact of psychological preparation on the performance of football players in Cameroon (a case study of Mount Cameroon FC Buea)

3). The behavioral effects of people from dysfunctional families (A case study of Mamfe municipality).

4). The effects of gunshots caused by the Anglophone crisis affect the psychological well-being of elderly individuals in the Mamfe municipality.

5). The influence of socio-psychological factors on students’ academic performance at the University of Buea.

6). The importance of educational psychology in the teaching-learning process

7). The perceived psychological effect of play therapy on the physical and social well-being of preschool children (A case of St. Therese Primary and Nursery school Molyko Buea).

8). Effect of counseling on the psychological adjustment of people living with HIV aids (A case study of General Hospital Mamfe).

9). Psychological Effect of Conflict/Violence on Women and Children in the Buea Municipality.

10). The impact of early marriage on the academic performance of female students in the Buea municipality.

11). How extra-curricular activities in secondary schools in the Limbe I municipality influence the academic performance of students.

12). Effects of drug abuse on senior secondary school students’ attitude towards learning in the Mamfe Municipality.

13). Effects of peer pressure on the academic performance of students of the University of Yaounde II -SOA

14). The impact of work-life balance on psychological distress among Mamfe Town nurses.

15). Family background's influence on senior secondary students' academic achievement in Yaounde.

16). Influence of school environment on student academic performance and self-esteem: a case study of secondary school students in Kribi.

17). The perceived effects of sexual harassment and social intelligence on the social interaction of serially frustrated undergraduates in HTTC Kumba.

18). Psychological factors influencing the well-being of students living with sickle cell anemia in Public Secondary schools in the Tiko Municipality.

19). Causes and effects of communication breakdown in an organization: case study MTN Buea.

20). Influence of job satisfaction and self-esteem on organizational commitment of civil servants in Mamfe Town.

21). Therapeutic Effects of Group Counselling on the Study Habit Problems Of Secondary School Students Case study Yaounde

22). Influence of orphanage home on the child personality development in the Limbe II municipality.

23). Effect of Marital Problems on the Education of Children in the Anglophone Region of Cameroon (A Case Study of St Monica Buea).

24). Social support, self-esteem and religiosity as predictors of depression among youths in Bamenda.

25). The Influence of Job Motivation on the Psychological Well-Being Of Employees at Hysacam Mutengene

26). Drug addiction among undergraduate students of private universities in Douala locality

27). Psychosocial Factors Influencing Commercial Drivers’ Recklessness in the Douala Municipality.

28). The effects of street hawking on adolescents’ classroom behaviour in the Bonaberi locality.

29). The effects of emotional stress on the academic performance of freshmen university students. A case study of Landmark University Buea.

30). Psychosocial Factors Influencing Commercial Drivers’ Recklessness in Douala Municipality.

31). Effect of Gender and Locality of Altruistic Behaviour among Adults in Yaoundé.

32). Assessment of Depression and Its Contributing Factors among Undergraduate Nursing Students in Biaka Learning University.

33). The Influence of Relationship Breakdown on the Psychological Wellbeing of University Students in Cameroon: Case Study University of Buea Undergraduates Students.

34). Impact of sports betting on youths in Cameroon (a case study of selected youths in Douala Municipality).

35). Influence of Abortion Stigma, Behaviour Pattern and Distress Tolerance on Substance Use amongst Adolescents in Yaoundé.

36). Influence of street hawking and physical abuse among adolescent children in Douala.

37). Influence of domestic violence and broken homes on adolescents’ academic performance in Bamenda.

38). The impact of secondary school students’ reading habits on their academic performance. A case of secondary schools in the Bepanda neighbourhood of Douala.

39). The impact of the various teaching methods on the academic performance of secondary school students in Cameroon. A case study of the Bamenda municipality

40). Influence of Shyness and Body Dimorphism on Internet Addiction among youths in Buea.

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