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Fair Use Policy

Despite how alluring it might be to use this example of a custom essay, dissertation, or assignment as your own, this is not how our service is intended to be utilized. 

You should use the model answer we provide as a starting point for your own additional study and draw from the information therein to produce your own, entirely original work if you want to profit from any of our model answer services.

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We make every effort to provide you with unique information that is completely free of plagiarism. In the present Dispensation, we think it is important to go out and gather pertinent information. We focus on eradicating outdated knowledge while advancing current, useful knowledge as a good practice.

How should I use the model answers?

Our model answer service demonstrates to students how to approach a specific question. It may not be the only way to approach the question, and you may have a completely different perspective than the researcher, but the model answer will provide you with a solid foundation from which to conduct your own research and write your own work. The correct way to use our model answer is as follows, systematically:

Read the entire model answer so that you completely understand how the question has been answered.

  • Re-read each section or paragraph within the model answer and make notes.

  • Try to develop your own ideas and arguments from the notes you have taken.

  • The next step is to locate the sources the researcher has used within the model answer and review them.

  • Use these sources to help further your research by locating material that is more relevant.

  • Read through all the information you have gathered and make further notes on what you want to include in your own work.

  • Use the model answer that our researcher has created as a guide to producing your own work. For example, learn from the structure used, the range and quantity of sources used, and the level of critical analysis applied within the work.

  • Ensure that your final piece of work is 100% original and has been formulated using your own ideas and perspective.

This will require a little more effort than simply submitting the model answer, as your own work, but it will ensure that you understand the topic thoroughly and are prepared for your exams.