About Us is an online academic website built in Cameroon with the sole aim of being a facilitator to students or individuals struggling with their academic research.

Project writing is an obligatory task for all final-year students and many students encounter lots of issues when it comes to project writing. 

With this in mind, made it a priority to alleviate the pains students encounter by providing students with all the help they need to succeed in their academic writing as well as helping them with effective solutions to other academic concerns.

Additionally, we offer support for small business enterprises and individuals in areas like writing a business plan, CV writing, Web building, and SEO.


To provide guidance to final-year students who are having difficulty with project writing. Aside from providing project writing guidance, assists students with other academic concerns.


To be Africa's leading academic research site and the preferred destination for many.


How can I get the complete project if I order?

Once your payment is confirmed, our customer service line would send the complete project materials to you through WhatsApp. All you need to do is simply click and download the material. 

After payment, send the depositor’s name, transaction ID (for online payments), bank name, PHONE NUMBER, and PROJECT TOPIC to (+237) 654258330

How long does it take to get the complete project?

Depending on how fast your payment is acknowledged by us, you will get the complete project within 10-15 minutes. However, on a very good day, you can still get it within 5 minutes!

One of your topics suites my project, but the case study is different. What do I do?

Bear in mind that project materials obtained from our website are to be used as a guide to help you develop your own project and not for direct submission. 

However, if you have a different case study, you may need to consult one of our professional writers to help you with that. 

I have a fresh Topic that is not on your site. How do I go about it?

We have seasoned writers with years of experience in most departments. If you have a fresh topic, you can reach out to us. We can as well propose a good topic.  

Is it a complete research project or just materials?

Yes, it is a complete research project. We send complete project materials (i.e. chapters 1-5, full references, and questionnaires/secondary data.

What software will you use to analyze my data?

The major statistical tool for data analysis is SPSS, STATA, and R, Other software such as Matlab, SAS, and Python are used.

How can I trust this site?

We are proud Cameroonians who are well aware of the fraudulent activities taking place on the internet.

It is regrettable, but hopefully on the decline. We stand for the utmost satisfaction of our clients, so why would we want to tarnish our image by taking your money and failing to deliver?

Those who have used our services would also act as referrals to others, giving us the opportunity to serve a larger number of people. Why would we put this at risk?

Second, no fraudulent website can display bank accounts containing personal information. A portion of Chapter 1 is always published to demonstrate that we have the material. When you have gone through it and determined that the work is relevant to your goals, you can place an order.