Human Resource Management Project Topics for Undergraduates and Postgraduate Students in Cameroon

Saturday, December 2, 2023


Human Resource Management Project Topics

1. Effect of Secretary-Boss Relationship on Organizational Productivity


2. Personality and Its Effect on Group Performance



3. The Effect of Communication Barriers on the Productivity and Performance of Employee



4. The Role of Communication in Enhancing Public Relations in Legal Firms



5. Impact of Work-Home Conflict on Employee Decision. A case study of selected firms in the Buea Municipality.



6. Factors Affecting the Performance of Secretaries in Public Organizations in Cameroon



7. Effects of Globalization on Human Resource Practice in Cameroon.



8. Effect of Workforce Emotional Intelligence in an Organization



9. Strategies for Boosting Employee Morale in an Organization



10. Effect of Physical Working Environment on Organizational Performance in Cameroon

11. The Effect of Safety Management on Project Performance in a Construction Company



12. An Empirical Study of the Effects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Job Security (A Case Study of some selected IT firms in Douala)


13. Organizational Culture and Employees Performance, Case Study of Selected Schools in the Buea Municipality.


14. Remote Jobs and Employee Productivity (A Case Study of MTN Cameroon)


15. The Challenges of Work-Family Balance among Female Nurses and its Implications On Patient-Care. A case study of Buea Regional Hospital.


16. Application of Psychology in Human Resource Management


17. Effective Strategies for Human Resource Management in the Public Sector


18. Impact of Covid-19 and the Changing Nature of Work on Human Resource Management


19. Strategies for Developing an Effective Training and Development Program in an Organization (A Case Study of Dangote Cement)


20. Evaluation of Strategies for Managing a Remote Workplace


21. Human Resource Management in the 21st Century, Current Practices and Future Prospects (A Case Study of Selected Tech Firms in Cameroon)


22. Impact of Employee Resource Group (ERG) On Employee Performance (A Case Study of Total Energies)


23. Impact of Culture on Human Resource Management (A Case Study of Total Energies, Buea)


24. Influence of Corporate Strategy on Human Resource Management (A Case Study of Orange Cameroon)


25. Organizational Career Management and Employee Career Satisfaction in some selected companies in the littoral region.


26. Impact of Electronic Human Resources on Organizational Performance


27. Influences of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System on Employee’s Job Commitment (Using a Servicing Company as a Case Study)


28. The Impact of Welfare Services on Employee Performance of Selected Deposit Money Banks in Buea Municipality.


29. The Impact of Leadership Style on Employee Performance of SME's in Cameroon


30. Effect of Reward Management on Employee Performance in Selected Food Companies in Douala


31. Motivation and Sales Performance of an Organization A Case Study of Brasseries du Cameroun


32. The Impact of Work Values on Organizational Image and Performance


33. Analysis of the Effectiveness of Training Provided by a Business Organization. A case study of selected companies in the Limbe municipality.


34. A Study on Latest Recruitment Trends


35. The Impact of Performance Appraisal on Staff Productivity



36. Problems of Human Resources Management and Their Impact in Organizational Performance



37. The Problems and Solutions of Staff Training and Development in Business Organizations



38. The Problem and Prospects of Entrepreneurship Development in Cameroon



39. The Impact of Incentive Welfare Schemes on the Performance of Workers



40. The Impact of Staff Customer Relationships on Organizational Image



41. The Effect of Management Styles on Worker's Productivity in the Hotel Industry



42. The Impact of Performance Evaluation on Worker's Productivity in Cameroon



43. The Effect of Motivational Tools on Employees Morale in an Organization

44. Effect of Labour Turnover on Organizational Performance



45. Impact of Management Information System on Effective Human Resource Management in an Organization. The Case Study of MTN Cameroon



46. The Effect of Working Conditions on the Performance of Secretaries in an Organization the Case of Commercial Banks in Buea Municipality



47. Conflict Resolution as a Tool for Effective Management in an Organization (A Case Study of Some Selected Firms in Douala)



48. A Study into the Management of Employee Grievances in an Organization (A Case Study of Some Selected Firms in Buea)



49. Shortage of Human Resources in Government Establishment: Problems and Solutions in Cameroon



50. Human Resources Management in the Hotel and Catering Industry in Buea Municipality

51. The Impact of Industrial Conflicts and Conflicts Resolution in Employees Productivity in an Industry



52. The Impact of Performance Appraisal on Organizational Growth and Profitability. A case of some selected firms in Fako


53. The Impact of Performance Management on the Effectiveness of Employees



54. The Impact of Compensation and Reward System on the Performance of an Organization (A Case Study of Mayor Cameroon)



55. The Effect of Inadequate Human Resources on the Performance of Government Establishments. (A Case Study of Ministry Of Finance).



56. The Impact of Organizational Culture on Effective Employees’ Performance towards the Attainment of Organizational Goals



57. The Impact of Internal Control System on the Effective Management in Government Ministries: The Case Study of Ministry Of Environment and Nature Protection



58. Effect of Job Satisfaction on Employee Performance the Case Study of Buea Council



59. The Impact of Digital Devices on Work-Life Balance, Job Stress and Job Satisfaction: The Case Study of Limbe II Council



60. The Effect of Dispute Management and Cultural Diversity on Employee Performance



61. The Effect of Customer and Employee Relationship on the Management of the Hospitality Industry both Publicly Owned and Privately Owned Establishments in Buea Municipality


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