International Relations Project Topics for Cameroonian Students

Friday, March 31, 2023

International Relations Project Topics for Cameroonian Students

1. Cameroon’s Role in International Organization


2. The Anglophone Crisis: Its Impact on Cameroon National Security


3. Conflict and Conflict Resolution in International Relations


4. The Effects of the Anglophone Crisis on Internally Displaced Persons. Case Study of the Mamfe Municipality


5. European Union and Challenges of Africa’s Development: A Critical Appraisal, 1999-2010

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6. The Struggle for a Permanent Seat at the Security Council: A Critical Assessment of the Contestants in 2012


7. The Role of the International Court Of Justice in the Nigeria-Cameroon Boundary Dispute: A Case Study of the Bakassi Peninsula


8. Conflict Management Strategies and Performance


9. The Role of the Diaspora in the Anglophone Crises of Cameroon


10. The Role Played By Cameroon Government in the Management of Terrorism in Central Africa, Case Study


11. The Arab-Israeli Conflict and United States Geo-Strategic and Economic Interests in the Middle East


12. The International Politics of the Creation of the State of Israel In 1948


13. The United Nations under Kofi Annan (1992 – 2006)


14. UN Peacekeeping in Africa; Effectiveness and Problems.


15. United States and Fight against Global Terrorism


16. The United Nations and the Challenges in Fighting Gender Inequality in Buea


17. Poor Environmental Governance in Cameroon: A Case Study of Buea


18. The Impacts of Humanitarian Response from INTERSOS on Internally Displaced Persons in Meme Division Southwest Region Cameroon


19. The Role of the Government and Media in Conflict: A Case of the Anglophone Crisis

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20. The Role of Sports Diplomacy in African International Relations: The Case of Cameroon


21. An Appraisal of the Government of Cameroon Response to Emergency Crises: The Case of COVID


22. The Role of the International Court Of Justice in the Resolution of the Bakasi Conflict


23. Impact of Urbanization on Environmental Health Quality


24. African Union and the Peace Process in Central African Republic


25. Effect of Multinational Corporation on the Growth of Cameroons Economy: The Case of Orange Cameroon


26. Cameroon and the International Community: The African Union


28. The Impact of Monetary Policy on International Trade in Cameroon


29. The Problems of Regional Integration: A Comparative Study of Africa Union and ECOWAS


30. Nigeria-Cameroon Diplomatic Relations in Post Bakassi Peninsula Dispute 2006-2016

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31. Cameroon and Her Neighbors: A Comparison of Trade Relations between Cameroon and Nigeria (2011-2017)


32. The Impact of Russia and Ukraine War on Refugees


33. The Effect of the Russia and Ukraine War on International Trade


34. The Role of Mediation in the Russian-Ukraine Conflict

35. Impact of Russia’s Invasion on the Economic Strength of Ukraine


36. The Impact of the Russian and Ukrainian War On the Relationship between Russia and Its NATO Allies


37. Impact of Racism and Discrimination on Black Lives in Foreign Countries


38. Globalization and Its Impact on Cameroon’s Foreign Policy


39. Leadership and Good Governance in Cameroon: Issues and Prospects for National Development


40. Freedom and Human Rights in African Countries


41. Trans-nationalization Of Terrorism in the Lake Chad Basin: The Case of Boko Haram


42. International Security and Global Terrorism in the 21st Century


43. UNICEF and Child Rights in Cameroon


44. Impact of Western Education on Society


45. The Role of Soft Power in International Diplomacy: A Comparative Study of the United States and China


46. Gendered Diplomacy: An Analysis of Women’s Participation in International Relations


47. The Impact of International Trade Agreements on State Sovereignty: A Case Study of the European Union


48. The Use of Social Media in Diplomacy: An Exploration of Its Efficacy and Challenges


49. Environmental Diplomacy: An Analysis of International Efforts to Address Climate Change


50. Diplomatic Immunity and Human Rights: A Critical Analysis


51. Conflict Resolution in International Diplomacy: A Case Study of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


52. The Role of Multilateralism in Global Governance: An Analysis of the United Nations


53. The Politics of Humanitarian Intervention: A Comparative Study of the Responsibility to Protect and the Non-Intervention Principle.


54. Global Health Engagement in Diplomacy, Intelligence, and Counterterrorism: A System of Standards


55. Diplomacy and Soft Power: The Impact of Culture, Sports, and Education on International Relations


56. The Diplomatic Dimension of Economic Statecraft: An Examination of Diplomatic Techniques and Strategies


57. Diplomatic Representation and Its Role in International Relations: A Comparative Study of Embassies and Consulates


58. Diplomacy and Global Health: An Exploration of Diplomatic Approaches to Health Issues


59. The Impact of Diplomacy on International Trade: A Comparative Study of Regional Trade Agreements


60. Diplomacy and Environmental Governance: An Examination of Diplomatic Approaches to Environmental Issues


61. Diplomacy and the Responsibility to Protect: A Critical Analysis of the United Nations Peacekeeping Missions


62. The Diplomatic Dimension of Energy Security: A Comparative Study of Energy Diplomacy in the Middle East and Europe


63. The Role of Diplomacy in Humanitarian Intervention: An Exploration of Diplomatic Approaches to Conflict Prevention and Resolution


64. Impacts of Hosting the AFCON on the Host Country Case of Cameroon 2022 AFCON


65. The Role of NGOs in Peace Building In the South West Region of Cameroon Case Study: Buea Municipality


66. Cyber Criminality and Its Effects on Youths in Buea


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