45 Curriculum Studies Project Topics for students in Cameroon

Friday, November 11, 2022

 45 Curriculum Studies Project Topics for students in Cameroon

1). The impact of COVID-19 on the educational system of Cameroon. A case study of the University of Buea.

2). Causes of lack of attention during lessons among primary school pupils in Mamfe town and how it affects their academic performance.

3). The impact of emotional intelligence on the academic performance of senior secondary school students in the Buea municipality.

4). Conditions of service and teacher’s job satisfaction in some selected secondary schools in the Limbe I municipality.

5). The impact of library facilities and their use in Cameroonian secondary schools. Case study of GBS Molyko, Buea.

6). The impact of guidance and counselling services on the academic achievement of students in some selected secondary schools in Yaounde.

7). The Impact Of Planning On Teaching And Curriculum Development Of Teaching And Learning Integrated Science In Junior Secondary Schools in Cameroon.

8). Factors Militating Against Effective Management of School Records by Secondary School Principals in Buea Municipality.

9). Impact of Broken Home on the Academic Performance of Secondary School Students in the West region of Cameroon.

10). The Role of Social Welfare Services on Broken Homes A Case Study of Kumba Community.

11). Causes And Effects of Dropout among Postgraduate students in Cameroon. A case of the University of Bamenda.

12). The effects of teacher’s attitude and expectations on the academic performance of primary school pupils in the mutengene locality.

13). Effects of Divorce on the psycho-emotional health of students in examination classes in Cameroon.

14). Investigation into the Causes of Truancy among Students in Some Selected Public Secondary Schools Yaounde.

15). Impact of Single Parenting and Its Effect on Child Education in Selected Schools in Bepanda, Douala.

16). The impact of Parental Influence on the Choice of Careers and Roles Played in the Academic Performance of Students in Mamfe, South West Region, Cameroon.

17). Teacher Competencies and Effective Teaching and Learning of Accounting in Secondary Schools in Limbe I Municipality.

18). Knowledge and Attitude of university students towards Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the Dschang community.

19). A Small‐Scale Study on Student Teachers’ Perceptions of Classroom Management and Methods for Dealing with Misbehaviour in Kumba I Municipality.

20). The Influence of Class-Size on the Quality of Output in Secondary Schools in the Fako Division.

21). The Impact of School Environment and Peer Influences on Students’ Academic Performance in the Buea Municipality. A case study of Landmark University.

22). The Effect of Resource Distribution and Utilization on the Performance of Students in Food and Nutrition in Douala, Littoral region of Cameroon.

23). School Size and the Interpersonal Side of Education: An Examination of Race/Ethnicity and Organizational Context in Fako Division.

24). Teachers’ Perception of the Causes of Indiscipline among Students: A Case Study Of selected secondary schools in YaoundĂ©, Centre region of Cameroon.

25). Assessment of Banking Habits of Undergraduate Students in Cameroon (A Case Study of first year students in the University Of Buea and HIBMAT).

26). A Study of Adolescent Attitude towards Sex Education in the Senior Secondary School Bamenda.

27). An Assessment of Teachers’ Knowledge of Test Construction Procedure in Physics Objective Test in Senior Secondary Schools in Buea.

28). Factors Affecting Study Habit and Academic Performance of University of Dschang Students.

29). Factors Affecting the Use of Field Trip in Teaching and Learning of Geography in Secondary Schools in Limbe Municipality.

30). Principals Supervisory Behaviour and Effective Management of School Resources in Douala.

31). Organizational Hierarchy and Administration Effectiveness in Education on Students’ Academic Performance in Secondary Schools In Buea.

32). Factors Responsible For Poor Health Habits among Secondary School Students in Bamenda.

33). Impact of Social Media on Social Behaviour of Cameroonian Youths (A Case Study of Polytechnic Students, Bambili).

34). Influence of Animated Cartoons on the Behavioural Development of Children in Douala

35). Influence of Smartphone on the Reading Habits of Students of the University of Buea.

36). Effects of Early Childhood Education on Academic Achievement in Primary Schools in the Buea Municipality.

37). Factors Militating Against Effective Management of School Records by Secondary School Principals in Mamfe Town.

38). Teachers’ Perception of Entrepreneurship Education Curriculum and its Implications on Implementation at Senior Secondary Schools in Dschang.

39). The Effects of Positive Discipline on the Teaching-Learning Process in Secondary Schools. A case of Summerset Bilingual College.

40). Academic Achievement of Rural School Students: A Multiyear Comparison with Their Peers in Suburban and Urban Schools in Cameroon.

41). The Influence of Lateness among Teachers and the Academic Performance of Students in Senior Secondary Schools in Mutengene.

42). The Perception of Teachers and Students Regarding the Causes and Consequence of Failure in the English Language in the Anglophone Region of Cameroon.

43). The Effect of Periodic Testing On Students Achievement in Mathematics Studies; a Study Junior Secondary School in Mamfe Central.

44). The Causes of the Prevalence of Teenage Pregnancy among Secondary Female Students in Summerset Bilingual College.

45). The Effect of Campus Fellowship on Academic Performance among University in Cameroon. A case study of the University of Buea.

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