Assessing the Impact of Working Environment on Employee Productivity

Friday, November 25, 2022

Assessing the Impact of Working Environment on Employee Productivity

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1.1.      Background to the Study:

Organizational environment plays an essential role for the employees. These days employees may have a large number of working alternatives, thus the environment in workplace becomes a critical factor for accepting and/or keeping the jobs.


The quality of environment in the workplace may simply determine the level of employee’s motivation, subsequent performance and productivity. Therefore, human resource managers (HR) need to consider new strategies for selecting and retaining best talents for their organizations.


Higher salaries and compensation benefits may seem the most likely way to attract employees. Some factors in workplace environment may be considered essential such as employee’s engagement, productivity, morale, comfort level etc. both positively and negatively.


Human effort in organization is indispensable. It constitutes a complex phenomenon to managers of such organization to comprehend. Accordingly, it is believed that every behaviour is a goal directed. Hence, the effect of work environment in achieving set target for the organization must be in adequate condition.


Therefore, the nature of office concerned with these things that influence workers’ productivity, which constitute the “why” of people behaviour’s? Why do people do things differently? Why is X’s moral higher than Z’s? What are these increases in work productivity?


However, the organizational target can only be achieved if the environment is conducive. Work environment consists of the office buildings, its furniture and layout as well as the physical conditions under which workers operate.


it is also concerned with the external factors to the business which the office serves, the industry or other activities within which the business lies, the custom and laws of the community within which they operates.


These environmental factors are always changing and the office must react to the changes, but how does the customs and laws reduce workers morale? This question can be answered after investigation. Office and work environment are dynamic, but the most dynamic factors in the office is human factor.


Workers today are more educated than before. They are more likely to raise questions about their environment of work since management itself is dynamic pro. It has adhered and addresses itself to the provision of good environment of work for workers’ productivity. But what are those increases that enhance productivity?


Therefore, answer will be made after investigations. However, poor work environment and bad conditions such as improper lightening and ventilation, excessive noise and emergency excess, have posed a great danger to workers health and therefore make them to work with less joy and enthusiasms and work progress is hampered and disrupted.


There are many organizations in which employees encounter with working conditions problems related to environmental and physical factors. Perch and Slade (2006) argued that the employee disengagement is increasing and it becomes more important to make workplaces that positively influence workforce.



An understanding of the effect of work environment on the productivity of employees cannot be over-emphasized or seen as overstatement in every organization. Experience has shown that workers are directly influenced by the environment they find themselves or where their competence will achieve nothing in terms of productivity if the environment is not conducive.

This is in respect of workers AMSS (Alpha Marine Shipping Services) Service and issue of unproductive nature of workers is compounded with the poor nature of the environment.  Therefore, because of the adverse effect of work environment on morale of employees, Mill stated the need for provision of good physical work environment for workers in 1930 after the First World War.


During this period, various management teams were concerned with the importance of maintaining loyalty and morale through the elimination of irritants such as temperatures, noise and pollution from their environment.


This was later spread out to include a wider area of disturbing influences like feeling of insecurity in relation to employment, unfairness on the part .of supervision and not being accepted by one’s fellow employees.


There is a great need for standard of working condition received legal backing by 1963 law and act of parliament which made it mandatory for all business organizations to provide the minimum standard of interest that will enhance the performance of employees as an objective. The research presents the analysis of the working environment of Alpha Marine Shipping Service ltd Limbe at Mukudange.


1.2.      Problem Statement and Justification of the Study:

Every organisation in today world is set up for a purpose which is generally known as objectives. These objectives can be archive when employee productivity is realised and the working environment is healthy.


Elnaga (2013) says that employee's performance is important for the company to make every effort to help low performers. With all the increasing importance of work environment to employee productivity many organisations still base more of their attentions on objectives without focusing any attention on the factor which triggers the productivity of the employee which is the work environment.


The absence of important of work material as a result of non-availability of some necessary office facilities like air condition, rugs or tiles, good ventilation in some of the department in the company is a common feature. Some offices or departments look depressing and stimulating.


Some of them have no louvers, light, the absence of mobile network in the company or work environment, absence of medical team personnel in the work environment, no regulations governing the personnel at the work place, no first aids at the work place, no risk prevention measures at the work environment and some with uncompleted roofs.

These acts of negligence by the mangers have gone a long way to reduce workers performance or morale. The state of affairs in the company has resulted to negative attitude by the employees which is inimical to the progress and accomplishment of the company’s set objective.



The reason for caring out the research is to meet the partial requirement for the award of B-TECH. As an undergraduate in the field of logistics and transport management the quest to know more and better gave me the urge to carry out this research an lastly in other to actually understand how exactly how the work environment is vital in improving the employee productivity for and organisations. With an attempt to answer the questions in the research work


1.3.      Objectives of the Study:

This study is made up of two set of objectives that is the primary or main and specific objectives as examine below;


Main Research Objective

  • The main objectives of the researcher carrying out this study, is to investigate and identify the effect of work environment on the productivity of employees in an organisation using the case of Alpha Marine Shipping Services Ltd Limbe.


Specific Research Objectives

  • To investigate if there exists any relation between workplace conditions and employee’s performance
  • To examine the factors that develops work place environment and impact positively on employee’s productivity
  • To find out the impact of employee welfare on employee performance, partially
  • To reveal the impact of training and development on employee performance
  • To study how work environment affects customer relationship.

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